SB3 Ceramic Aftercare - Maintain 1Gal

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SB3 Maintain is a Ceramic Based Quick Detailer designed to provide maximum protection and gloss for all ceramic coated vehicles. Maintain leaves a coated vehicle feeling slicker and adds a super hydrophobic effect that last for three months. Over the last few years, ceramic coatings have become the new standard for automotive paint protection, however proper maintenance products are sparse. That's where SB3 Maintain comes in. 


Maintain, the consumer version of SB3 Flyover, was created to give the end user an easy-to-use maintenance product for their coated vehicle. Maintain can be used over top of any coating, not just SB3 coatings. Regardless of which coating is on your paint, you can use SB3 Maintain to add gloss and slickness to your vehicles surface! 


Prior to applying Maintain, wash and dry your coated car as normal. Make sure all areas that are to be treated with Maintain are free of dirt and debris. Then simply spray product on the surface and wipe clean. A second towel can be used to remove any remaining product.


If your vehicle is coated, SB3 maintain will make maintenance easy!