SB3 Ceramic Aftercare - Destroy

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Water spot and calcium remover
Professional strength 
Gel formula for ease of use
Fast acting 
Destroy is professional strength, fast acting remover that is formulated for attacking water spots and calcium deposits on your vehicles surfaces. Water spots can be formed by a number of different factors in today's environment. Hard water spots are most commonly formed when water is left standing on a surface and left to evaporate. As the water on your vehicles surface dissipates, calcium and dirt in the water is left deposited on the surface causing a visible imperfection. Calcium deposits when left untreated can damage your vehicles surfaces by etching into them and causing damage. Destroy effectively removes the deposits left behind so they cannot continue to damage your surfaces.
Apply a small amount to a clean microfiber towel or applicator and rub into affected surface until deposit is removed, wipe any residue off with clean towel. Do not let Destroy dwell on windshields. Do not use on raw metals or aluminum.