Detail Addict Winter Exterior

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This package gives your vehicle the ultimate protection against rain and moisture during the year’s most treacherous season for driving. It includes our comprehensive dual-bucket hand wash system, single session of clay work for an ultra-smooth surface, as well as a double application of our specially formulated Sealant Wax to enhance the depth of the paint and to maximizes the resistance to fading, industrial contaminants, pollutants, water stain, mud, and impurities. A total package that reduces the frequency of claying, washing safe and less time. This package also cleans break dust and grime from wheels and treats tires with an oil-free, pH neutral dressing. The Detail Addict Winter package is not only perfect for your vehicle to survive through the entire season but also great for a new car preparation.


+ Dual Bucket Hand Wash

+ Clean Wheels (inside and out) and Tires

+ Water Pressure Pre-Rinse

+ Foam Gun Soak

+ Air Pressure Blow Dry All Crevices

+ Dry Door Jambs

+ Decontaminate Paint Surface

+ 2x Sealant Wax Application

+ Clean Exhaust Tip

+ Clean Windows In and Out

+ Tire Dressing


    Our online packages are only a suggested price for mini compact vehicles. Price vary depending on the condition and size of the vehicle. Your final estimate would be on the day of your service after going through an inspection with us.

    *Other conditions may apply.