Detail Addict Platinum Exterior

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The ultimate detailing package designed for restoration, rejuvenation, and protection. This is a great solution for making big impressions, exhibiting at a car show, to raise the car’s value, or for anyone as fanatical about detailing as we are. The paint of the vehicle will be evaluated and measured with our Posi-Tector Paint Meter Gauge to see if it qualifies. If it passes, your vehicle will be under our care for at least two weeks (all variable by the options chosen).

Damage-prevention and safety is critical part of our service. We know that just as much damage can be cause during the detailing process as the job is intended to resolve. Our process starts with a thorough exterior wash that employs pressure wash, a rich foam application of our premier cleansers, and continues through the rinsing and drying with fresh premium microfiber towels. Trapped water in jambs and crevices are removed with air compressor. This is followed by spot removal of harmful abrasives embedded on the paint surfaces and other contaminants using our proprietary clay bar. Then, our paint evaluation process includes preliminary chemical tests to avoid unexpected color changes. We strive to create huge results through minimal impact to the vehicle.

We dive deep into engine bays and wheel wells to remove dirt and grime. Dust has a way of getting into to tiniest places, so we remove things like license plate frames and use an assortment of specialized tools to clean their favorite hiding spots. Because your wheels pick up dirt and grime every mile traveled, we go the extra mile by removing them and cleaning them inside and out.

Using our proprietary multiple abrasive polishes, our specialized tools, and our unbeatable experience, we can correct even deep scratches, heavy swirl marks, oxidation, and much more.


+ Paint Evaluation and Survey

+ Complete Exterior Paint Correction: removes heavy swirl marks, oxidation, scratches, and other imperfections.+ Foam Gun Soak Exterior; and crevices dried by controlled air-pressure.

+ Remove License Plate

+ Water Pressure Pre-Rinse

+ Clay Bar Exterior

+ Multi-Step Polish 

+ Wax Application:  Sealant Wax and or Carnauba Wax


Available Additional Options:

+ Headlight Restoration

+ Polish Windshields

+ Polish Exhaust Tips

+ Exterior Trim Care

+ Seal and Wax Door Jambs

+ Tire Dressing

+ Engine Bay Cleaning

+ Remove and Clean Wheels (inside and out)

+ Clean Calipers


    Our online packages are only a suggested price for mini compact vehicles. Price vary depending on the condition and size of the vehicle. Your final estimate would be on the day of your service after going through an inspection with us.

    *Other conditions may apply.