Detail Addict Light Care Interior

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Maintenance Interior Only                                                              

This detailing service is mainly designed for cars that are well maintained.  All plastic surfaces are cleaned.  The seats, carpets, and trunk are vacuumed. The door jambs are also wiped. Minimum 2 hours of interior auto detailing.


The following auto detailing pricing are minimum standard for small size vehicle: 2-door/2 seater; mini compact sedan. Prices vary based on the size and condition of the particular vehicle.

*All belongings and miscellaneous are required to be removed prior to all interior cleaning. We consider the glove compartment to be a private area in the vehicle and will only clean it with the owner’s permission.

    Our online packages are only a suggested price for mini compact vehicles. Price vary depending on the condition and size of the vehicle. Your final estimate would be on the day of your service after going through an inspection with us.

    *Other conditions may apply.