Detail Addict Leather Conditioner 16oz

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Detail Addict Leather Conditioner is scientifically formulated to extend the life of leather and its quality. It is a high quality lotion that softens, moisturizes, and protects the leather from aging, drying, and cracking. It shields off environmental damages such as harmful UV rays and extreme temperature. Leather conditioner stays on dry and oil free while preserving the leather suppleness and elasticity. It gives an extra dry finish and a non-slippery/greasy touch. An added touch of natural leather scent bring out the luxurious nature of the leather.

  • Protects from aging, drying, and cracking.
  • Moisturizes and prolong the longevity.
  • Preserve suppleness and elasticity.
  • Rejuvenate.
  • UV Protectant.
  • Armor against stains and discoloration.
  • Contains essential oils Leather scent for a natural aroma.
  • Available in 16 oz and 1 gallon bottles.
  1. Clean leather surface with Detail Addict Leather Cleaner.
  2. Using an applicator, apply a dime size amount of conditioner evenly across the leather surface and let sit for several minutes.
  3. Wipe up excess with a clean microfiber towel.