Detail Addict Heavy Care Interior

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Multiple tools, materials, quality cloth, and brushes are used.  Such as Shampoo and Heat Vacuum Extractor, carpet cleaner, leather cleaner and conditioner, high suction vacuum, soft bristle brushes and tooth brushes.   The carpets and upholstery are completely steamed and shampooed.  Leather is carefully cleaned with leather cleaners and conditioned with spF 65 UV protection level to preserve and protect from the harsh sunlight. Interior panels from dashboards, door jambs, control buttons/lever, gauges, mirrors, viewing lights, to vents and etc. are meticulously cleaned and detailed.  Windows are cleaned inside and out.  A clean inside as well as outside offers a complete show car quality finishing.

The following auto detailing pricing are minimum standard for small size vehicle: 2-door/2 seater; mini compact sedan. Prices vary based on the size and condition of the particular vehicle.

All belongings and miscellaneous are required to be removed prior to all interior cleaning. We consider the glove compartment to be a private area in the vehicle and will only clean it with the owner’s permission.