Detail Addict Gold Exterior

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Gold Addict Exterior Detailing 

Address issues that go beyond the surface. We offer ultra reflective restoration shine on the paint. An extensive paint correction with series of abrasive polishing compounds to remove 50 to 80% of the medium oxidation, swirls marks, scratches, and/or water deposit stains. Your paint will be measured and evaluated to see the best fit treatment. Decontamination process to get the paint surface smooth. High quality grade of detailing products used to acquire the optimal finishing result. Sealant Wax is applied to give a good durable protection and a mirror shine surface.

+ Dual Bucket Hand Wash

+ Clean Wheels (inside/out) and Tires

+ Remove License Plate

+ Water Pressure Pre-Rinse

+ Foam Gun Soak

+ Air Pressure Blow Dry All Crevices

+ Clean Door Jambs

+ Clay Bar Exterior

+ Multiple Step Polish (Dual Action)

+ Sealant Application

+ Clean Exhaust Tip

+ Clean Windows In and Out

+ Tire Dressing