Detail Addict G-3500 16oz

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Detail Addict G-3500 Polish is a 3500 grit, super fine compound, capable of reviving the richness of painted surface. It removes minor swirl marks and scratches. It brings out the richness in car paint and defines the highest level of refinement for your detailing project.
  • Paint Revive
  • Finishing
  • Reduces and Eliminates Paint Imperfection.
  • Swirls, Oxidation, Scratches, Water Etching.
  • 3500 Grits
  • Available in 16 oz and 1 gallon bottles.

  1. Wash and dry car. For best results, also use clay.
  2. Shake Well. Squeeze a 3” line of polish onto a clean applicator pad.
  3. Apply to work surface in 2’x2’ sections using small circular motion until a thin, hazy film remains.
  4. Buff away the film residue with Detail Addict Microfiber Polishing Towel to reveal the underlying shine.