Detail Addict Exclusive Hand Wash

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  1.  Only for Detail Addict Ceramic Coated Customers.
  2. Vinyl wrapped and ppf vehicles.

When needed the Addicts are here to keep your car look fresh as always and its best. Our Detailing Set-Up System is very strict and comprehensive to provide superior results. The hot and cold water system provides a luke warm wash on cars to loosen hard debris. A water filtration system to purify and eliminate hard water or contaminants for a less harmful car wash, leaving no water stains or marks. Pressure washer to break down hard debris.  No excessive scrubbing wash that can be damaging to your paint. Dual bucket and grit guards system to reduce swirl marks and dirt for a perfect hand wash. Air pressure system to blow out trapped water in crevices, mirror housing, lights, and etc.  No dripping mess to ruin your finished detailed car.

ONLY FRESH AND BEST microfiber towels in the market for wash, dry, polish, etc for EACH vehicle.

The tires are dressed with a pH neutral oil free dressing solution for a fresh matted look.

  • Bucket Hand Wash
  • Clean Wheels (inside and out) and Tires
  • Water Pressure Pre-Rinse
  • Foam Gun Soak
  • Air Pressure Blow Dry All Crevices
  • Dry Door Jambs
  • Inspection, Touch-Up, and Detail Spray Cleanse
  • Clean Exhaust Tip
  • Clean Windows In and Out
  • Tire Dressing