Detail Addict Detail Spray

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A waterless wash solutions with many useful applications. No contaminants nor harsh minerals. Detail Addict Detail Spray is a multi-featured product. It is an ideal touch-up cleaning agent for removing wax and polish residues, fingerprints, smears, dust, and fresh bird droppings. It also works as a clay lubricant to allow the clay to glide across the paint surface. When using polish this product is best for moistening your buffing pads as a tempering agent to prepare for polish.

Detail Addict Detail Spray is a pure formula containing no contaminants. No worries of the extra hard minerals, chlorine, or unwanted substance from the detail spray as you get from water.


  • Finishing and Touch-Up
  • Waterless Washing Solution
  • Clay Bar Lubricant
  • Polish Lubricant

Color: Blue
Active Agent: Wax Polymer and Silica Base
Scent: Cherry


  • Finishing and Touch-Up: Spray the touch-up area, then wipe clean with Detail Addict Microfiber Polishing Towel.
  • Clay Bar Lubricant: Spray directly onto the work area so that clay can glide smoothly over it.
  • Polish Lubricant: Before applying polish, spray onto polishing pad to temper and lubricate the polish. Do not over soak the pads.
  • Waterless Wash: Similar to our traditional washing method. The quantity and freshness of the microfiber towels provides a safer wash.