Detail Addict Clay Bar

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Detail Addict Clay Bar out performs your Over The Counter brands easily and last much longer. The medium grade allows you to speed up your detailing project and reduce your working time. It safely and effectively removes paint surface contaminants such as industrial fallout, debris, and paint overspray. Any impurities are lifted away without leaving abrasions on the clear coat.

For best results use it with Detail Addict Detail Spray as a lubricant. You can finish claying the entire car in half the time!

It comes in 100g per bar sealed safely in a plastic wrap. You can cut it in halves and store the second half until the first half is used up. Depends on the severity of the car, can be used up to 10-15 cars.


  • 100 gram per bar
  • Medium Grade


  1. Remove the clay from the bag.
  2. Fold and knead the clay several times to soften it up.
  3. Place the clay on your fingers leaving your thumb to feel the surface of the paint
  4. Move in horizontal and vertical direction to ensure the contaminants get picked up.
  5. Avoid moving in circular motion in a single small area for long period of time!