Electronic Gift Card Term & Condition

Electronic Gift Card is fast and easy. A perfect gift in an instant via Email for someone you know will definitely love! They will receive your E-Gift Card within 24 hours – redeemable for whatever they love online or in store!

Your use or purchase of Detail Addict branded Gift Card or eGift Card indicates your acceptance and binding of the Terms and Conditions set forth. These Terms and Conditions apply to all Gift Cards purchased online, at store locations, or from third parties.

  1. You may not return or cancel your Detail Addict E-Gift Card after it is received. Please contact us to cancel an e-gift card purchase order prior to its delivery to the recipient.
  2. Not redeemable for cash.
  3. Not valid on past purchases.
  4. Cannot be resold or transferred for value. Unused e-gift cards may not be transferred.
  5. Gift Cards can be used for purchases made online or in store location.
  6. Gift Cards have no expiration date.
  7. Gift Cards are not credit, charge, or debit card. The Card is a prepaid amount device with a dollar value. It is not redeemable for cash nor can be used to purchase other Gift Cards. It may be reloaded with additional funds.
  8. Not valid as payment on Detail Addict credit card.
  9. We are not responsible for typographical or pictorial errors. Please check to make sure the email address is correct. We are not responsible for undeliverable e-gift cards due to your failure to enter an accurate email address for the recipient. If you suspect the recipient did not receive his/her Gift Cards please contact us immediately. Your Gift Cards may be delayed until corrected. Common reasons why delivery may have failed:
  1. Spam filter blocked e-mail or routed it to a bulk/spam folder.
  2. Recipient’s firewall blocked emails.
  3. Email inbox exceeds size limit.
  4. Invalid email address.


  1. Detail Addict is not responsible for lost or stolen Gift Cards. Ownership and risk of loss of Cards passes to the purchaser as soon as we send our confirmation to the recipient.  
  2. Replacement of Card is only up to the value equal to the Available Balance shown on our records. Replacement must be provided with proof of purchase and the Gift Card number. Gift Cards cannot be redeemed if the card number is invalid or cannot be identified within Detail Addict systems.  
  3. You are responsible for your typed message in the Message Filed on the Gift Cards preview including inappropriate, offensive or otherwise objectionable messages.  
  4. Gift Cards purchased online are delivered separately from other purchases.
  5. We reserve the right to hold any order for a security review.
  6. Once the available balance reaches ($0), the Card is no longer valid and cannot be used.  
  7. The value of your purchase plus any shipping/handling fees and sales tax will be automatically deducted from your Card Available Balance. You are responsible and agreed to reimburse us for the additional payment or balance due of transactions made online or in store exceeding the available balance on the Card.
  8. Merchandise purchased with the Card is subject to the Merchant’s return policies. The refund is in the form of Gift Cards or reloaded back onto your Card.
  9. Terms and Conditions are subject to changes with or without notice at any time. We may suspend, cancel, or delete any feature offered in connection with the Card with or without notice.


We may use Cardholder Information for purposes including and not limited to such as marketing, research and analysis, process claims for lost or stolen Cards to help protect against fraud, to government entities or other third parties in response to subpoenas. We may send you offer for products and services.

Agreement to Arbitrate Disputes

This Arbitration Provision sets forth the circumstances and procedures under which Claims that arises between you and us will be resolved through binding arbitration.