We ship thousands of products a month and most of them are shipped in our complete solar kits.  It is TOTALLY normal for kits to arrive at different times and in different shipments.  

There are many reasons for this, and depending on your kit, you can receive upwards of (3) shipments.  Sometimes this is because inventory is only available at a specific warehouse.  Another reason could be that you ordered a kit with lithium batteries (solar generators included), and the lithium based products are actually considered “Hazmat” and will be subject to specific restrictions, therefore shipping from a designated warehouse that is designed for this.     

  • **If you have an issue that is NOT RELATED to shipping, please go to this page here and follow the steps.**

For 95% of orders, we work with major national carriers to deliver items, FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS, who all have systems and processes for dealing with common shipping hiccups.  If you have any issues with your shipment, for example:

  • tracking number shows “delivered” but you do not have your package
  • tracking number is showing wrong shipping address
  • Not all packages arrived etc

The first step in dealing with any type of shipping issue is to follow the (7) steps below and contact the shipping carrier.  This will clear up 99% of issues you are experiencing with shipping.   

  • 1. Verify the shipping address in your original confirmation e-mail.
  • 2. Look for a notice of attempted delivery.
  • 3. Look around the delivery location for your package.
  • 4. See if someone else accepted the delivery, maybe the neighbour or building manager/superintendent.
  • 5. Some packages travel through multiple carriers; check your mailbox or wherever else you receive mail.
  • 6. Wait 48 hours; in rare cases packages may say delivered up to 48 hours before arrival.
  • 7. Contact the carrier directly (Contact info below) and gather all useful information. 

**If you still need help after all these steps, reach out to our Customer Support Team Here.  You will have all the proper context and information for us to be able to help you properly.**


  • Some national carriers use regional carriers to deliver your package. When this happens, your tracking information may not be accurately reflected on the national carrier website.  If this is the case, then you will need to contact the national carrier to find out which specific regional carrier they are using.  We have linked all the major carriers websites & phone numbers below for you to access easily.
  • We cannot ship to a PO box.  Please ship all products to a residential or commercial address


  • If you use a local post office or an address that is not your physical address to ship your order to, is not responsible for delivery issues. 
  • Shipping products to a UPS, FedEx or USPS location may result in extra shipping costs which DA-DEPOT will not be responsible for. 
  • Shipping carriers consider large packages to be a danger to their employees and may reject the packages. 

Also, if you have ordered something exceptionally large or heavy we will most likely be using a specialty carriers such as  XPO or Global Tranz.  We have also linked their information below for you.

Common Carrier Tracking Information