Paint Correction Stage 2


Offers a car show shine quality. Abrasive polishing helps improve the luster and color of the paint surfaces. Additional step of polish removes light swirls, scratches, and oxidation. Detail Addict Carnauba Wax application protects and enhances the depth of the paint while sealing the brilliance of the finishing.


  1. DA G-2500 POLISH
  2. DA G-3500 POLISH
  3. Hydro 5.5″ Tangerine Moderate Cutting Foam Pad
  4. Hydro 5.5″ Crimson Finishing Foam Pad


  • If needed prep paint with professional clay method prior to polish to remove industrial fall-outs and contaminants to get the paint surface ultra-smooth. 
  • Every 6 Months or When Needed


Reduce Light Swirl Marks and Oxidation


20-30% Restore Clarity and Shine Depending on Condition and Vehicle