Services - Auto Detailing


Detail Addict is a specialty shop where we treat every customers and their vehicles with respect and care. Each appointment service reserved is dedicated with a Professional Detailer whom his/her time is only to care for your vehicle. We believe when making an appointment with us you are determined and genuinely in need of our specialty service, therefore in respect upon scheduling an appointment with us please make your payment ready for a mandatory non-refundable deposit of $50 of the service package reserved. Under such extenuating circumstances you cannot make your appointment due to emergency or if the weather does not permit, Detail Addict allows a one time, 24 hours grace period to reschedule your appointment either by phone or e-mail us. A cancellation, including no call/no show on the appointment day, of the appointment will result in a non-refundable $50 deposit.


The following auto detailing pricing are minimum standard for small size vehicle: 2-door/2 seater; mini compact sedan. Prices vary based on the size and condition of the particular vehicle. All interior work is an estimation by the condition, severity, and size of the vehicle. Results and the outcome finishing of the vehicle depends on the level of work or services required. Extra services are suggested and subject to additional charges, only if permitted by the customer. All belongings and miscellaneous are required to be removed prior to all interior cleaning. We consider the glove compartment to be a private area in the vehicle and will only clean it with the owner’s permission.

Each service package available is intended to help improve and minimize imperfections that can be restored. Imperfection/ wear and tear/ damages will be more apparent once the vehicle is clean and shiny.