Leather Rejuvenation

Leather Rejuvenation

Our skin says a lot about our age. Similarly, the condition of your leather interior can make our cars look dated or just off the dealer lot. So how do we get back the new car feel without buying a new car? One place we can make big improvements quickly are leather upholstery. We’re not talking about a spray promising “the new car smell”— this is just cosmetic… wait, it’s not even cosmetic. We’re talking about giving your leather a day at the spa for rejuvenation. Actually, we’re talking about a deep cleaning and treatment with the help of the Detail Addict Leather Cleaner and Conditioner. Additional tools we will be use are a vacuum cleaner, a sponge applicator, and a microfiber towel.

Most people feel a sense of trepidation when dealing with leather because of the potential to create more harm than good. There is a risk of discoloration and chemical reaction that is possible if one is not careful or knowledgeable about the tools they use. Because not all cars are the same, we rely on our experience and our products to reduce these risks. The Detail Addict Leather Cleaner and Conditional are safe for most surfaces because they are water-based. Unlike cheap brands that contain petroleum, silicon and gloss, the Detail Addict Leather Cleaner and Conditioners won’t cling to the leather and leave a greasy film that ultimately transferred to your stain-able cloths later. The Detail Addict Leather Cleaner and Conditioner are also pH-balanced for leather so it bonds with the surface to create a protective layer that repels dust and waterproofs and best of all, keeps it looking and feeling like new again.


  1. Detail Addict Leather Cleaner
  2. Detail Addict Leather Conditioner
  3. Detail Addict Microfiber Towel
  4. Soft bristle brush
  5. Vacuum Cleaner

Here is a brief outline of our process.

  1. Assess the condition of the upholstery and identify spot areas that need special attention. On a portion of the leather that can not be seen we apply a small amounts of the cleaner and conditioner to ensure that it does not cause an unexpected reaction. Make sure to do this away from direct sunlight.
  2. Vacuum away lose debris and dust hiding in the crevices. Move the back rest down to find the yuckiest crud and make sure to reach the deep corners between the seat and back rest.
  3. With our cleaner successfully tested, we spray the cleaner to the a small area of the  leather surface and immediately wipe it dry. We do this through the rest of the leather surfaces. Change the towel when it becomes too dirty. after this first wipe down, we rinse the cleaner from the towels we’ve been using with water, ring them out, then wipe down again to remove excess cleaner from the leather with the damp cloth.
  4. For spot areas of stubborn stains, we soak a towel with cleaner, ring it out, then gently rub the stain out.
  5. Let leather dry.
  6. With an sponge applicator, we apply a generous helping of Detail Addict Leather Conditioner, and work it into the leather as you might apply lotion to your skin.
  7. With a clean, dry microfiber towel, remove the excess conditioner from the leather and finish by gently buffing.