SB3 Coating Comparison

SB3 Coating Comparison

SB 3 is a clear, non-yellowing, liquid nano-ceramic coating technology for protection and preservation of the integrity and the nature of any surface substance and/or vessels: automotive vehicles, avian, marine, textile, wheels, and more. When applied the nanoparticles structurally fill and bond to the surface of the substrates. Once cured takes shape as a hardening, flexible glass polymer layer that is transparent, shiny, smooth, and super sleek. The transformed permanent 3D glass matrix exude a hydrophobic characteristic present various beneficial qualities and abilities. It can be described as an additioanl clear coat layer that has the "self-cleaning" and glass shielding properties. The hydophobicity lowers the surface tension of the substrate making difficult for environmental contaminants to adhere to the surface thus make cleaning easier. The glass shield structure holds a rigid layer that offers a high protection against premature oxidation, corrosion, swirl marks, chemical, and UV.  Protection and performance can be enhanced and strengthen with additional layering of the coating. 

 A surface that has been treated with SB3 stays clean for a longer period of time, glossy,, and with enhanced color depth. With proper guidance and maintenance your car will retain its value and integrity for many years to come.



  • High Resistance to environmental contaminants and other impurities such as bugs, bird droppings, tar, dirt, and brake dust.
  • High resistance to water marks.
  • High resistance to fine swirls and marring.
  • High resistance to acid rain.
  • Shield from harmful UV rays.
  • Easier Maintenance


Surface Applications
Paint, Plastic, Rubber Paint, Plastic, Rubber Windshield, Mirror, Glass Surfaces Motorcycles, & all surfaces Wheels, Calipers, Metal Surfaces Multi-Surfaces Multi-Surfaces Textile, Leather
Installer's Only Installer's Only Installer's Only Installer's Only Installer's Only Installer's Only Installer's Only
Main Component
High Solid 9H Formula Glass Coating 9H Formula Glass Coating  Glass Coating 9H Formula Water Based Silica Spray Water Based Silica Spray Water Based Silica Spray
4-5 Years 2 Years 3 Years 1 Year 2 Years 6 Months 3 Months 1 Year
***** *** **** ** *** ** * **
Scratch Resistance
***** *** **** ** *** ** * **
Chemical Resistance
***** *** **** ** *** ** * **