Foam Pad Care


Care For Foam Pads

Foam pads must be properly cared for to prolong the life and the consistent performance.  Do keep in mind that like everything else they have a life expectancy and will diminish sooner with frequent or improper usage.  The following are the general rules to keep your foam pads long lasting and undamaged:

  1. Rotary or DA Orbital Buffing and Polishing
  2. Always check if the pad is clean before use.
  3. When using a new or dry pad, temper and prime the pad surface with detail spray and the polishing agent that you are working with, respectively.  This will prevent the pad from running dry and allow the compound/polish to spread evenly across the surfaces.  Remember the more course/abrasive the foam cutting level is the more firm the foam, therefore will wear down or gets torn easier and quicker when running dry without a lubricant.
  4. Periodically rinse or wash the pad when necessary to prevent compound or polish from drying out or build up, becoming caked on the pad.  
  5. Wash/rinse right after use prior to storage is highly advised.  Machine wash pad with liquid detergent and warm water.  Do not put it in a dryer.  Hand wash and air dry is best.  
  6. Store pads in a designated clean location to minimize coming in contact with foreign particles that can or potentially be damaging to the buffing surface the next time you use the pad.

*Note:  To remove pads from backing plate, grab it between the hook and loop surface of attachment.  Never grad grab the pad between the Velcro and the foam, you will damage it.